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Many research outcomes and innovative technologies enable the transformation of our energy system and could make our society more sustainable. However, these are not sufficiently implemented. Meanwhile, carbon emissions from energy production continue. We need to establish a constructive dialogue in our society on sustainable energy solutions. Our goal is to improve the dialogue on how to achieve a low-carbon society. A dialogue between research and civil society communities. We aim to contribute to a joint vision towards a low-carbon society in Europe. We are research organisations and NGOs in the field of energy. We are a consortium of 15 partners in 10 European countries. We are R&Dialogue.


R&Dialogue: building a low-carbon society together

Energy plays an important role in our life: lightning, heating, transport, cooking, showering. Our daily activities. Energy is also a source for employment and profits. All in all, energy is important for our economy, industry and export – not only on a local but also on the regional, national and European scale.

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The objectives of the European scope of R&Dialogue are to create a transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources that contribute to a growing European economy. Energy that contributes to sustainability and growth. This mixture of sustainability and growth is equally divided and creates a transparent and trustworthy energy supply.

To realise these ambitions several techniques and innovative tools are developed that can contribute in achieving our objectives. We believe that through enhancing the dialogue on the European scale and feeding our conclusions to the European Institutions and international stakeholders, we can speed this up process.

With this project we aim at giving an insight in the role of energy for our economy, for producers and consumers, for environment and society. Together we want to investigate future possibilities to create shared objectives and interests. Together we work towards a shared vision to reach these ambitions. A clean atmosphere, a sustainable environment and ‘green’ jobs are all a part of future possibilities that we can offer our society.

Creating the dialogue

To work together towards a sustainable energy supply and demand and less pollution in the atmosphere, we need a shared vision. This shared vision is created by government, business and industry, environmental and research organisations, citizens’ initiatives, knowledge institutes and European citizens.

These are the players in the field with whom R&Dialogue cooperates to create a dialogue and develop a shared vision on the energy sector.

We will address social, technological, ecological and economic aspects and learn from each other. Our focus on the social aspects of the transition process is what makes R&Dialogue a unique and crucial effort.

Contributing to the dialogue

R&Dialogue comprises a debate and discussions around low-emission technologies in 10 different European countries and at EU level. At first, we provide an insight in the energy sector. Based on this, a broadly shared vision is created. This vision is transformed to a plan of action which leads to a national dialogue. This national dialogue is a shared and constructive dialogue that leads to tangible and realistic ideas and decisions in and for the energy sector. The dialogue contributes to awareness, shared choices and a shared vision on energy. While our partners will be developing national action plans, we will be working on a European vision. We will identify valuable lessons regarding the dialogue from all over Europe, bring them to Brussels and improve effectiveness and speed of research efforts.

We are looking for key stakeholders to join R&Dialogue: organisations who want to improve the capacity of society to make decisions on sustainable energy solutions. This dialogue at European level will be an important opportunity for obtaining feedback on the national situations from a more external point of view, identifying key issues that deserve attention in terms of the low carbon society in Europe.

More information

The rest of the website is at your availability to discover and find out more on our project. Most information is in English. For questions and further information you can contact the European dialogue team: Olav Øye, olav@bellona.org.